Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is still a smartphone that is striking, with an all-screen screen that shuns the top notch and’punch-hole’ design civilization currently sweeping the sector in favor of a cleaner, smarter look.

At this time you might be wondering, if there is an all-screen screen, but no top notch, and no punch-hole, where’s the selfie camera?

It is a hint Xiaomi has pulled to good effect, and it signifies the Mi Mix 3 makes a notable entrance in the annals of the smartphone industry’s quest for a 100 percent screen-to-body ratio, with Xiaomi handling to fill 93.4percent of the cellphone’s front-facing body using screen.
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 price and availability

Even the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is available in the UK, China and a host Asian and European nations, but the brand remains to launch its smartphones in the Usa. Xiaomi just arrived in the UK at the end of 2018, therefore there’s hope it will bring its telephones into the US soon.

The company’s phones can be found in Australia and India, even though the Mi Mix 3 is still to reach – but keep a look out for this as it could be arriving soon.

Design and screen

The major feature of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is its own sliding screen, which you have to tug using just a little force to acquire the magnetic system to move down and then tap into place.

It’s something of a celebration piece. We handed the Mi Mix 3 to many of our family and friends, and they have been impressed with the all-screen display, but whined when we challenged them to discover camera. After we slid the screen down to reveal it, everyone had the identical reaction:”That is cool”

Additionally, it produces a satisfying’clunk’ as you slide it up and down, which originally saw us playing the slider as we held the device, however we stopped doing so shortly into our review period — since the Mi Mix 3 is not actually that simple to slide.

The screen is held in place by magnets to prevent accidental slides, but we found these to be somewhat too powerful. Coupled with all the slick glass end and a heavy figure, it means you want to apply quite a lot of pressure to the display so as to slip the Mi Mix 3 open.

In comparison with the BlackBerry Priv — among the few sliding phones to start in the previous four decades — the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 just isn’t as easy.

Sure it’s trendy, along with also the Mi Mix 3 could boast a form factor that will help it stand out from the crowd of slabs, and can possibly make it the envy of your friends, but day to day we discovered that we hardly used this slider.

Until we wanted to snap a gratuitous selfie, the display remained unmoved. You can use the sliding actions to respond calls, but it is a tiny gimmick and an onscreen swipe tends to be simpler if you’re using the telephone one-handed. It can be hauled to use the camera to head unlock, but considering the Mi Mix 3 includes a back fingerprint scanner that’s easier and faster to work with, that purpose seems somewhat redundant.

Along with the sliding design option will come with a couple of drawbacks.

We did find that the section of phone which is uncovered when you slide is a dust trap though, thus a regular wipe is needed to help keep things looking clean.

Xiaomi has verified the Mi Mix 3 doesn’t have an IP rating for dust or water resistance, and the sliding mechanism puts its weather-proofing credentials much farther in doubt.

Another matter with the sliding design is protection. A slender case is given in the box using all an Mi Mix 3, however it doesn’t cover the base of the phone, and leaves the eyebrow that slides out vulnerable if you were to lose the handset. You are going to have to be really cautious if you do choose to pick this up.

As is the tendency with flagships these days, there’s no 3.5millimeter headphone jack on the Mi Mix 3, now with just a USB-C interface and speaker grilles around the base of the phone.

There is a third physical button however, situated on the left of the handset just below the SIM card menu. This essential starts Google’s Assistant once pressed, providing you rapid access to voice commands.

The relatively large size of this telephone means it is a little unwieldy when attempting to type one-handed, with just two hands often required if you’re tapping more than only a few words.

It means colors appear a little more muted over the Mi Mix 3, and this can make some images look a little more natural, but if it comes to watching playing and video games we’d have liked a bit more pop.

Battery life

Even the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 includes a surprisingly small (for its size) 3,200mAh battery, but don’t let this put you off, since it could thankfully last a full day on a single charge.

That’s with a couple of hours of video streaming, several hours of audio streaming along with a mix of messaging, gaming, emails, and calls throughout the afternoon. With this level of usage we were still getting into bed after 11pm using 20% left in the tank, even having obtained the Mi Mix 3 off cost at 7am.

A nightly charge is still required, but the Mi Mix 3 supports fast charging, letting you quickly get a decent slug of juice into the battery before heading out of the door.

We did find that having a use OS smartwatch connected whatsoever times, and regular usage of Bluetooth headphones throughout the day, did drain the battery quicker, so keep these links to a minimum if you want to maximize the stamina of this Mi Mix 3.

The Mi Mix 3 add a good performance when it came to our movie battery test, where we run a complete HD clip for 90 minutes using the screen at full brightness along with numerous accounts syncing over Wi-Fi from the backdrop.

After 90 minutes the Mi Mix 3’d dropped 13%, falling around 5 percent each 30 minutes, so you will easily be able to consume a movie on the movement and still have lots left in the tank.

It is not exactly the very best outcome we have seen, but it’s more than respectable, particularly once you think about the huge screen and small battery inside the Mi Mix 3. For comparison the Honor View 20 lost 17% and the OnePlus 6T fell by 10% in exactly the same test.

Even the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has support for Qi wireless speedy charging, and also what gets the wireless charging attribute on the Mi Mix 3 better is that Xiaomi has comprised a charging pad in the box.

This is a very rare event, since most handsets that offer wireless charging service ask you to purchase a charging pad separately — so hats off to Xiaomi here.

You need to be careful when placing the phone on the pad — the very first night we tried it we didn’t get the orientation right, and then we awakened in the morning to get the phone had not billed in any respect.

It’s simple to know when it’s correctly placed on the mat ensure that the middle of the phone is on the middle of the mat, and a green LED light onto the mat will illuminate.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 features dual 12MP rear-facing cameras using different focal lengths, allowing for portrait mode photos along with a 2x zoom with no loss in quality.

It is a normal camera set up for a high-end cellphone nowadays, and in great outdoor lighting that the Mi Mix 3 is capable of capturing crisp, detailed shots.

The camera app isn’t the fastest we’ve used, with a small amount of lag when switching between styles, but the majority of the time you can stick with the standard Photo mode.

HDR mode (high dynamic range) is turned off by default, but tap the icon near the peak of the screen and choose auto and it’ll slightly enhance your shots from brightening darker areas to get a more striking result.

But, activating AI mode makes a bigger difference, but more about this in a moment.

Slide across the ways above the portrait style and you will move into portrait mode, which allows you to take an image of your topic with a blurred background.

Xiaomi’s mode is a little fussier than we have discovered about the likes of this Google Pixel 3 and OnePlus 6T, using the app telling one to get nearer or further away from the object that you need to focus on.

It means there’s some work needed to find the camera in the ideal place before you can snap your photo, and there’s a small delay after hitting the shutter button, which means if the topic is moving — just a small child for example — your photograph might not be completely accountable for

Portrait modes on other handsets tend to be less picky about the space you are from the subject, and have a quicker shutter for enhanced capture of moving targets.

Head into the gallery and then hit the lens icon and you will be able to use a slider to move in a subtle blur into a pronounced effect.

The Mi Mix 3 does a pretty reasonable job in regards to distinguishing foreground and background elements, and determining what should be blurred, but it is not ideal, and we did detect in a couple of those shots which the blur was rust in our topic.

Next along from portrait is night mode, which stinks in more light within a longer exposure to give you better-lit shots when illumination is at a premium.

You will want to maintain the Mi Mix 3 still as you shoot at a night mode picture, and you will need a spectacle with minimal motion to your best results, otherwise you are going to wind up getting a heavily fuzzy shot.

The results are not as impressive as those by the rival manners on the Google Pixel 3 or even Huawei Mate 20 Guru, but that’s to be expected considering the reduce cost of the Mi Mix 3.

As is the tendency for smartphone snappers nowadays, the Mi Mix 3 also boasts an AI camera style, which is capable of differentiating 27 distinct sorts of items such as”flowers” and”faces”. ‘

Once the AI has found a particular scene, then it will automatically correct the preferences to provide you with the best shot in the given scenario. It’s a style you will want to change on, however, by tapping the AI icon at the peak of the display.

Changing to the cameras (20MP + 2MP) is easy — simply slide the screen down! In fact, if you slide down the screen at any point when using the Mi Mix 3, you’ll be carried to the selfie snapper.

The dual-camera installation here additionally permits for portrait mode shots, but the quality and clarity is not as good as from the rear cameras.

As a selfie camera though, it’s more than okay, with a quick pout for Instagram easily attainable.

The Mi Mix 3 will probably include a watermark to the bottom-left corner of all of your pictures by default we found this annoying, but if you’re not a fan it can be switched off by tapping the three-dot menu icon in the top-right of the camera app, selecting settings and then scrolling down to turn off’Double camera watermark’.

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