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The "Denali" by Timbercraft Tiny Homes in Alabama is one of those setups where you just sit back and think "wow" because of the extreme attention to detail in every inch throughout the home both

Build a Solar House on Wheels: Contest Info: My name is LaMar Alexander. I am a long time off-grid homesteader, architectural draftsman, designer and builder of small efficient off-grid homes. I have published several books on building small solar cabins and installing solar

Tiny Before Tiny Was Cool. Tumbleweed Houses laid down its roots in 1999 basing their business model on the concept that homes could roll and lay down roots just like its namesake. All models, like this Mica, can be customized in-house or they will help you out with a DIY kit.

Rolling Homes: Handmade Houses on Wheels [Jane. Lidz] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Wonderful pictures of some of the most unusual homes on wheels - travel trailers of unique design!!!

Modern home on wheels. The interior of the home boasts features such as custom cabinets and pinewood flooring. In addition to the kitchen, this 130 square-foot home includes a bathroom, a living room and a loft (not included in the square footage).

Building a Tiny House at a Tiny Cost. While you can buy a prefabricated dwelling or a customized small house on wheels, you can save a bundle if you make your tiny house yourself. The average cost spent by a do-it-yourselfer building their own tiny dwelling is around $23,000, according to a recent survey. But you can build one for less--a lot less.